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Consultative Services

Team Building Teams are part of every organization and are at the center of an organization’s success. Teams also need to be developed so effectiveness can be maintained. The process of team building includes:
  • A team assessment
  • Facilitated discussions among members to discover strengths and weaknesses
  • Educational components that equip members to communicate effectively
    with others
  • Management of any existing conflicts within the team
  • The design of behavioral agreements among members
  • Executive coaching for the team’s leader
Conflict Management Conflict is inevitable when people work together. Unmanaged conflict leads to a decrease in productivity and strained work relationships. A variety of tools are offered:
  • A conflict assessment
  • Individual conferences
  • One-to-one or group mediations
  • Problem census exercises
  • Problem solution experiences
One-on-One Coaching Through one-on-one coaching, Deborah can assist individuals in developing action plans for enhancing their leadership effectiveness. All coaching relationships are individually designed and may include such components as:
  • An initial leadership assessment
  • A self-evaluation
  • Peer, staff and supervisor feedback
  • Goal setting
  • Information sharing and study assignments
  • Communication practice
  • Follow-up consultation